We had to move the shed in our yard using a tow truck. They dumped it in the back on a hill between 2 trees and it was fairly uneven. We started storing some items again, but it was very ineffective. In fact, strangely enough, we got dizzy walking in because of the slope. A friend came over to help me level it, and it works beautifully now!

This made me think of our finances. It’s easy to focus on one or two areas and neglect others causing our finances to be “uneven” or out of balance. We sense that and it throws us off! For example, it’s easy to prioritize saving for retirement but neglect our estate / insurance plan.

Our financial plans work better and we feel more stable when we’ve “evenly” addressed each area!

Is one area of your finances being neglected? Does your overall plan need to be “leveled” up?

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