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20 Second Advisor: Trading Stocks Just Got A Lot Cheaper.

This week Charles Schwab announced that they will no longer charge for online trading of stocks, ETFs, and options. Prior to the announcement, Schwab was charging $4.95 per trade. Just this morning, TD Ameritrade also announced that they will cease charging customers trading commissions for online trades of stocks, ETFs, and options (see the official…

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20 Second Advisor: Why you should diversify globally

We all know that US stocks have significantly outperformed international stocks in recent years. Because of this and the fact that many US based multinationals are major players in the world economy, many clients have asked whether international diversification is unnecessary. Not at all. A few reasons to continue investing internationally: International stocks represent about…

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20 Second Advisor: Wild Returns – Why You’ll Rarely Have A 10% Return (in a given year).

I often try to gauge a client’s understanding of investing by asking, “What is your return expectation/hope for your portfolio?” Conservative investors will often want 4-6% returns. Aggressive investors may hope for higher returns (maybe 8-10%). Unfortunately, it is VERY rare to get returns in this range. Investing is all about bearing the UNCERTAINTY of…

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20 Second Advisor: This Is CRAZY Math!

You may have heard the terms “Time Value of Money” or “Compounding Interest”. Rather than define them, let me show you a quick example which will make them come alive! You begin saving $1,000 / month when you turn 40 years old You save the same amount for 30 years You earn an average annual…

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