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Getting Remarried…Plan Ahead!

Our clients get remarried for a variety of reasons. As exciting as this is, it often triggers unique thoughts and questions…will we share our income / expenses equally? I have kids from a previous marriage, and, when I die, I would like my assets to go to them rather than my spouse…is that okay? Do…

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20 Second Advisor: 6 Last-Minute Retirement Strategies

In a perfect world, everyone would be on track for their retirement goals. More often than not, people are usually playing “catch up” in their 50s and 60s to realize their retirement goals (working less/not all all, traveling, buying a vacation home, etc.). Here’s a quick breakdown of “6 Last-Minute Retirement Planning Strategies”¹. Save Like…

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Retirees Have Less Satisfaction in Retirement

I thought this USA Today article was interesting.  It reviews a study that shows retirees are less satisfied today than they were in the past (1998-2012). A few key takeaways: 95% of retirees prefer to spend their money on experiences instead of things.  Money isn’t everything, but retirees with more money reported having more satisfaction in…

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