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20 Second Advisor: Your Time

Kind of related to the last blog post which challenged us to think about the long term purpose of our money, I challenge you to think about your TIME this holiday season. How are you spending your time each day? Are you allocating it to the things that are most dear and important to you?…

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20 Second Advisor: Why Am I Doing This?

We work with a lot of business owners. At some point, they always ask “why am I doing this and what am I going to do when it’s done?” Usually, they are asking this about their business, but these questions carry over into our broader financial lives. It’s important to think through the long term…

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20 Second Advisor: SEP & SIMPLE IRAs Are Dead!

Because of technology, 401(k)s have become inexpensive and efficient. They also provide the employEE and employER the most flexibility. For this reason, I rarely (I want to say never but…never say never) come across a situation where a SEP or SIMPLE IRA make sense anymore. The 401(k) also provides employees the ability to save into…

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20 Second Advisor: Wild Returns – Why You’ll Rarely Have A 10% Return (in a given year).

I often try to gauge a client’s understanding of investing by asking, “What is your return expectation/hope for your portfolio?” Conservative investors will often want 4-6% returns. Aggressive investors may hope for higher returns (maybe 8-10%). Unfortunately, it is VERY rare to get returns in this range. Investing is all about bearing the UNCERTAINTY of…

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20 Second Advisor: Market vs. Personal Headlines

At some point, you have probably heard one of us say, “stay the course.” Too often the philosophy is interpreted as “do nothing.” That is a shame because sometimes, “doing nothing” is exactly what you should do.  Consider these points when the market headlines seem dire: There are two types of headlines: Market headlines and…

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20 Second Advisor: This Is CRAZY Math!

You may have heard the terms “Time Value of Money” or “Compounding Interest”. Rather than define them, let me show you a quick example which will make them come alive! You begin saving $1,000 / month when you turn 40 years old You save the same amount for 30 years You earn an average annual…

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