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20 Second Advisor: Why Am I Doing This?

We work with a lot of business owners. At some point, they always ask “why am I doing this and what am I going to do when it’s done?” Usually, they are asking this about their business, but these questions carry over into our broader financial lives. It’s important to think through the long term…

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Getting Remarried…Plan Ahead!

Our clients get remarried for a variety of reasons. As exciting as this is, it often triggers unique thoughts and questions…will we share our income / expenses equally? I have kids from a previous marriage, and, when I die, I would like my assets to go to them rather than my spouse…is that okay? Do…

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You received an inheritance, now what?

Research shows the average inheritance is spent within five years. As an advisor at Verisail, I have seen both sides of the coin. Some of my clients have done a great job at continuing to live their lives as if the inheritance wasn’t even there. I have witnessed other clients unwisely spend a significant portion…

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Discuss Your Money With Your Kids?

I am seeing more and more situations where a client or someone I know is going to inherit significant wealth, but their family, who is currently living and has the money, doesn’t want to discuss the details. This is usually a parent / grandparent leaving money to their kids / grandkids. Money and death are…

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How to Cover Your Bases If You Have Kids

Life insurance. Generally you only need life insurance once someone is depending on your future income. If you plan to have kids, you should start thinking about the situation your survivors would be in if you passed earlier than expected. Life insurance can help pay off your mortgage or other debt, as well as provide…

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