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Navigating Today and Tomorrow, Together

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Invest Fearlessly

Most people do not know how they are invested from a risk perspective and whether or not they will meet their goals. Do you?

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The Why Behind What We Do

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Who We Are

Experts are behind every choice we make.

Whether it’s the research done by our investment professionals, or the dedicated care of our financial planners, the people behind Verisail make all the difference.

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The financial planners at Verisail have deep expertise across the financial disciplines providing significant breadth and experience to our clients.

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Nobel Prize winning research guides our investment process.


 Verisail’s unique formula combines Nobel Prize winning empirical research with time-tested principles of finance. We design strategies to offer consistent, fully diversified exposure to the return sources we believe to be robust and reliable. These strategies are designed to meet the needs of investors with diverse investment goals.


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Eugene Fama
Professor of Finance, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Director and Consultant, Dimensional Fund Advisors LP

Navigating Today and Tomorrow. Together.

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