The idea of a legacy is intriguing. Many of us feel a call to help provide for future generations or to leave our mark in the world in some lasting way. We strive to be good stewards of our blessings now so that we may not be a burden to others in the future and to perhaps give back even more to others when our time here has run its course.

Often our focus is on building and protecting that nest egg to help us achieve our goals. It may be easy to overlook how we are preparing the next generation to receive the blessings that we are working so hard to establish. Obviously practical steps like estate planning will help direct our resources, but how we model our stewardship provides our heirs with something even greater: a roadmap to make the most of our legacy. 

Actively involving the family in acts of service and in decisions regarding whom to help is a great way to model this stewardship. Discussing the purpose and practical steps of saving can start as early as with a child’s first piggy bank. Developing a healthy relationship with spending by involving young adults in their own expenses teaches them early on the value of money. My teenagers pay their age percentage of all car repairs so that they understand the costs involved in owning a car. 

Taking the time to develop the spending, saving and giving “muscles” in the next generation can better equip them to manage their own resources and in turn, one day to steward our legacy as well.  

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