George and Suzie (not real names) work hard for their money. They use their money to pay the bills, take care of the kids, feed the family, and buy some things they want day to day on Amazon. When they wanted to go on an anniversary trip, they were struggling to come up with the money to make their ideal trip happen. How could this be? “We make plenty of money and don’t buy big things like the neighbor,” they tell themselves.

Without being intentional, our excess dollars every month can often escape without us noticing. By utilizing automatic “bucketing” we can capture those dollars and keep them safe for use on things we actually desire, instead of expenditures we don’t actually care about. It is hard for us to be intentional with expenses when we have a big pot of money sitting in front of us in our checking account. By dividing up your paycheck and sending it to smaller accounts dedicated to important expenditures, you are able to keep track of your money and clearly see how much ‘excess’ you have for frivolous expenditures.

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