There are many reasons folks can feel a bit out of sorts during the holiday season. Some folks are missing family and friends, some are extra harried, some have health issues and some are dealing with loss. It’s easy to think “I have a lot to be thankful for, but ….” and list all the major and minor things going on in your life.

Sometimes it’s what you think or say after the “but” that kind of sticks. I’m trying to rearrange my thinking so that I put the good stuff after – not before – the “but”:

“I miss not having my parents at our Thanksgiving, but I’m glad that my son made the trip to be with us.”

“The roads are really crowded, but I’ve gotten a lot on my list done.”

“I’ve gained a few pounds this month, but boy are those cookies worth it!”

New habits are hard for me, but I’m happy to try new things!

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