Gratitude is a word we all hear in November. We are so grateful for family and friends and the ability to come together to celebrate the holidays. We are grateful for our health and jobs, our hobbies and relationships. The list is endless of what we are grateful for, but did you know that the intentional act of choosing to be grateful all year long can have a direct impact on your finances?

If I pause to reflect on what I am thankful for, even if only for a moment at the start of my day, I am less likely to make impulse purchases. If I am content with what I have, I am less likely to have a knee-jerk reaction to swings in the stock market. The peace that comes with gratitude affords me patience to invest for the future and to live below my means. When I am grateful for what I have, outside forces have less of an influence on me. In a season when we will be inundated with digital marketing to overspend and to forfeit future savings for present day purchases, it helps to remind ourselves of all the things we are truly grateful for. Changing our focus can positively impact our financial future and lead to a greater sense of contentment and peace. Read more about gratitude and its financial impact below:

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