On the way to my daughter’s softball lesson last night, we were talking about her long term goals as a player. We talked about all the seemingly little and often hidden tasks that add up to the end result we want. When we watch someone who is good at any sport, we are seeing the result of thousands of practice hours doing the small things.

This is true in many other areas of life as well….marriage, yard / garden, the soul, and our finances!

It’s important that we do the “little” and often hidden tasks to achieve our financial goals.

These could include:

  • Automating long term savings
  • Avoiding too much debt
  • Having a spending plan
  • Having a giving plan
  • Buying the right insurance
  • Completing an estate plan

As year end approaches, celebrate the “little” things you are already doing well and identify where you can make progress. We are here to help!

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