My family has lived in the same house for 20 years. During this time, 2 of the 800 houses in my neighborhood have been completely destroyed by fires caused by lightening. Our house backs up to a wooded area that is susceptible to fire. I’m a bit of a natural worrier, and so we have always made sure to have plenty of home insurance coverage.

But this past weekend, I tackled something that has been long overdue: I made little videos of all the contents in our home. Using my phone, I made a video for each room. It certainly wasn’t a glamorous or well-done project, and one room where we’ve been storing the kids’ stuff for the summer was embarrassingly messy. But I did sweep the camera over the contents in the closets, drawers and shelves. If need be, I could make a pretty decent list of our home’s contents from these shots. I then created an album in my phone called ‘Insurance’ and put all the videos in it. Most rooms took me maybe 1-3 minutes each to film, so for less than 30 minutes I got a little extra peace of mind!

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