I dug up a tiny Japanese Maple seedling from my parents’ yard a few months ago hoping I could transplant it to mine.

Within a week of transplanting it, it looked dead. The leaves fell off and it looked pathetic. But, I kept watering it and noticed that the branches were pliable and alive.

Then, we started to see tiny buds forming on the trunk. It’s now growing leaves and has come back to life. It blew my mind that the little tree was working on its roots for weeks BEFORE it could start growing again.

This made me think….sometimes we MUST do the work that no one sees in order to produce the external results we desire. Here are a few examples:

  • We must exercise and eat healthy food to look (and feel) better
  • We must maintain our car in order for it to take us from one place to another
  • We must maintain a healthy financial life / perspective in order to accomplish our long term goals

Oftentimes, if we neglect the hidden work, we won’t realize the ultimate goal!

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