We live in a world full of change. Each day we are met with new opportunities that can help us grow. Sometimes even the simplest of changes can be uncomfortable.  To demonstrate this, try crossing your arms over your chest.  Easy enough, right? Now uncross your arms and try crossing them in the opposite way.  How does that feel? If you are anything like me, that felt a little strange and definitely not comfortable!

As you have heard, Charles Schwab has acquired TD Ameritrade and all TD Ameritrade accounts will transition to the Schwab platform over the upcoming Labor Day weekend in September. Though a bit more complicated than crossing your arms, Schwab is doing all the heavy lifting here! What does this mean for you?

Your assets and holdings will transfer automatically to Schwab and you will have access to Schwab Alliance to view your accounts.  Your relationship with your Verisail Partners team will not change, but you will have a new Schwab account number that you will be able to access on September 5th in your Accounts Summary on Schwab Alliance. Any direct deposits or recurring payments can be updated with this new account number after the transition. If you haven’t already, set up your Advisor Client credentials. If you have already logged into Advisor Client with TD Ameritrade, you will be prompted to create Schwab Alliance credentials (just like getting new keys to a new house!). 

Interested in learning more about the transition to Schwab? You can visit the Client Learning Center for key dates and frequently asked questions. We are excited to incorporate Schwab’s tools and platform into your wealth management plan and look forward to making this change a productive and beneficial one for us all!  

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