Summer is in full swing. Are you thinking of taking a summer trip? Here are some travel tips to help you navigate the soaring gas prices, airfare, and hotel fares.

  1. Consider going to Europe; the dollar is strong relative to the Euro
  2. One place to search for the best room rates is’s new Hot Price Index
  3. Not all summer months are priced the same; consider doing your trip in August or even September if you don’t have to worry about the school calendar
  4. For domestic flights, Sunday is the most expensive day to travel
  5. For international flights, Thursday is the cheapest day to travel
  6. Book flights 2 weeks to a month in advance; that is the sweet spot in getting the best price
  7. Consider combining two one-way tickets on different airlines, which can save money over a traditional round-trip
  8. For a good car rental deal, turn to AutoSlash
  9. Bundling your flight, hotel, and/or rental car all in one booking can also cut down costs

source: Yahoo Personal Finance

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