It’s that time of year again! Surrounded by delicious holiday leftovers, generous gifts unwrapped and a little extra down time, we can pause and reflect on the new chapter that will unfold in 2024.  Have you made resolutions in the past that have fallen short of their goals? Who hasn’t? Yet this season of holiday rest and celebration really is the perfect time to look forward to the year ahead. I know people who don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions because they so often fail. If I thought that of every one of my goals, I would never get to the gym, spend extra quality time with my family or save for our future. We are not perfect, but how will we make progress if we don’t try? I’m reminded of Zig Ziglar’s famous quote, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” 

Join me this year in challenging yourself in ways you haven’t dreamed of before! We are meant to live life to its fullest! Want to save for the vacation of your dreams? Make it a reality by posting a picture of your ideal destination on the fridge and push yourself to commit to a dollar amount saved each week. Want to learn a new skill? Take actionable steps today by sharing your goal with an accountability partner. My personal challenge is to learn German in 2024! How will you challenge yourself this year?  

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