Melinda posted a very inspirational piece last week on resolving to challenge yourself for your 2024 goals. And I hope our clients are motivated to do achieve something great in 2024!

My resolution story, sadly, is not about greatness, although I feel it is a challenge for me. My personal weakness recently is sugar. I started eating nightly ice cream a few years ago (hey, it’s good for my bones), then dark chocolate (antioxidants are healthy, right?). It’s just a little bit at a time, but I got to a point where I’d have a piece or two of chocolate after lunch and dinner. And I kept up the ice cream. And would help my husband with his stash of Twizzlers while we watched TV. And then a bunch of folks decided to give me fancy candy gifts for Christmas (grrr).

I am a person who is not good at committing to big, forever changes. I kind of like setting a very low bar, with a defined time limit. So here is my resolution:

I will not eat desserts. For the month of January. Unless I have company over*. And small mints from Buc-cee’s don’t count as dessert.

As I write this, I’m on day 2. So far, so good.

So even if you aren’t able to commit to something great as a New Year’s resolution, you can take heart by knowing that at least you can challenge yourself to come up with one that’s more impressive than mine!

*Fortunately I’m having guests on Thursday!

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