What should you do if you get a phone call from someone who knows your name, and maybe some other identifying information, and informs you that there appears to be some fraudulent transactions or issues with your bank or credit card or tax return?

“Your account may have been compromised. Did you authorize a $5000 payment?” you might be asked, and horrified, you reply no.

“We think someone is attempting a fraudulent transfer, but first we have to confirm it’s really you.” The call may seem legitimate, but this is a phishing scam to get you to reveal personal information! Do not give them your pin, your account number, your social security number, or your mother’s maiden name. Don’t be fooled by what is listed on the caller id (scammers can set up fake numbers and names). Hang up! If you want to be 100% sure, you can call the official number for your bank, credit card, Schwab, etc. to double-check.

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