I recently realized that my schedule, pace, and life structure wasn’t pointing me towards what matters most. I had become hurried, restless, distracted, and more impatient with my kids (hard to admit but true).

The magnetic pull of our culture is strong. It screams “more / bigger is better”, “you can do and have everything”, and “busy is normal so you better keep up!” I don’t mean to villainize and blame culture, but it’s important to step back and acknowledge the natural flow of our surroundings.

I am taking practical steps to slow life down, and be more present (happy to share resources offline if you’d like).

The magnetic pull mentioned above impacts our financial lives as well. We have a sense that we should be further along or that if we had this or got here, we’d be okay. If we aren’t intentional, the magnetic force WILL suck us in and cause discontentment!

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