As mentioned in my previous post, it’s amazing how many principles transfer from the garden to life / money.

Here’s another one: It’s good to struggle!

When you plant a garden, the tendency is to OVERwater your plants. In fact, one of the most common reasons plants die is due to overwatering!

You see, plants need to establish deep and strong root systems. They only do this if they have to go searching for water. If you water too much, they don’t have to go searching, and, therefore, don’t establish deep roots.

Conversely, if you allow them to “struggle” when there’s no rain, they extend their roots deeper into the soil to find water. We all know that a healthy root system produces more fruit which is the goal! “No Root. No Fruit” has become a life moto for me! 🙂

  • To get stronger, your body has to struggle.
  • Our kids will become resilient adults if we allow them to struggle.
  • To fully appreciate your money or things, it’s best if you have to work for it!

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