We started a garden this year, and it’s been extremely rewarding and fun! There are numerous principles observed in the garden that apply to our finances. Here’s a big one: It is all about the soil!

It’s tempting and seemingly more fun to focus on the end product (fruit / vegetables from the garden or financial “success”). Oftentimes, we look for the quickest or easiest way to get there which can produce less than stellar results.

Every expert gardener I studied talked about the soil and how critical it is if you want your plants to thrive. Good soil is alive, complex, supplies nutrients the plants need, and mostly hidden!

We decided to put in the extra effort to build the right soil. It was worth it!

In our finances, our beliefs, character, and values make up our soil. Without good soil, it’s difficult or impossible to produce, manage, and enjoy financial “success”. So, don’t neglect the soil!

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