In the past several weeks, markets have cooled off just a bit from the nearly non-stop bull market over the last 18 months. Here are a few keys things to remember about investing during these periods (and a short video):

  • It is normal for markets to incorporate “new” information into stock prices. The recent Omicron variant has some market participants reassessing their view of companies’ cash flows going forward.
  • We’ve experienced several market highs recently. Just because the stock market reaches a new high doesn’t necessarily mean the returns going forward are doomed (see 1 min video below…it’s from March 2020 but still VERY applicable).
  • It is normal for markets to decline 10%. In fact, since 1979, about 50% of the years have intra-year declines of 10% or more. And about 33% of the time, markets have intra-year declines of 15% or more. In spite of these intra-year declines, 34 of the past 41 years have ended with positive returns.*

Click on video link below:



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