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20 Second Advisor: Market vs. Personal Headlines

At some point, you have probably heard one of us say, “stay the course.” Too often the philosophy is interpreted as “do nothing.” That is a shame because sometimes, “doing nothing” is exactly what you should do.  Consider these points when the market headlines seem dire: There are two types of headlines: Market headlines and…

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20 Second Advisor: Here’s the prescription

As much as I love the internet and access to information, I recognize the potential harm that too much info can cause. Take, for example, a friend of mine, who was experiencing some troubling medical symptoms. Typing her symptoms into a search engine led to an evening of research and mounting consternation. By the end of…

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20 Second Advisor: 5 Things To Do BEFORE 2019

Retirement Contributions – Make 401k, IRA or employer contributions. Charitable Contributions – Give cash or appreciated investments to your favorite charities. 2018 Reflect – Did I save, give, and pay off what I planned? 2019 Plan – how much will I save, give, pay off? Decide NOW and set it up for next year! Be…

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34 things you need to know about the tax law

A great article was posted on CNN Money summarizing the main points you need to know about the incoming tax law.  Here is the summary:   1. This is the first significant reform of the U.S. tax code since 1986. Reagan signed major legislation for corporations and individuals in 1986. Since then, serious tax reform has eluded Republicans,…

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Bitcoin…What Is It and Should You Invest In It?

More and more people are asking about Bitcoin. If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin, it’s one type of Cryptocurrency. The first question people ask is What is Bitcoin? This article provides a straightforward explanation. Another question we get asked is “should I invest in it?” For the vast majority of you…NO! There is too much risk…

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How to Be Financially Thankful This Season

Thanksgiving was last week which means we have officially entered the Holiday season. Aren’t we supposed to feel good this time of year? Aren’t we supposed to be thankful for our family, friends, jobs, etc? Isn’t everything supposed to be right in the world? What does it mean to be financially thankful? I propose that…

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