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Financial Planning

20 Second Advisor: Urgent vs. Important

I recently re-read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. It is a fantastic and timeless book that has the capacity to permanently impact our lives if we apply the principles. In the book, Stephen introduces the concept of the Urgent vs. Important matrix pictured below. Everything we do fits into one of…

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20 Second Advisor: Recipe For Change

I read in a book recently that change requires 2 things: We must understand what’s in it for us There has to be proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the benefit to us will actually occur or that we can get there. It’s crazy how true this is in our finances! When people get a…

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20 Second Advisor: Nagging Horsefly

“The only way to make money a non-issue is to consistently make it an issue.” I made this up a few years ago and my wife hasn’t let me forget it (we talk about money a lot)! Money issues force their way to the forefront of our lives whether we like it or not. They…

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20 Second Advisor: Cash = Insurance

A basic step in almost any financial plan is to save cash and hold it in a savings account for an emergency. I think we would all agree this is a good idea. This is a form of insurance. We pay money for life, health and disability insurance. These COST us money. Holding cash in…

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20 Second Advisor: Time to Refinance?

Home mortgage rates were trending up for a while, but they have declined to a point where it may make sense to refinance to a lower interest rate or shorter loan term. Current rates (subject to change): 30 Year Conventional: 3.75% 15 Year Conventional: 3.375% It may make sense for you if: Your interest rate…

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20 Second Advisor: Market vs. Personal Headlines

At some point, you have probably heard one of us say, “stay the course.” Too often the philosophy is interpreted as “do nothing.” That is a shame because sometimes, “doing nothing” is exactly what you should do.  Consider these points when the market headlines seem dire: There are two types of headlines: Market headlines and…

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