There is a war going on, the stock market is down, and many people are facing very difficult things.

It could do us all some good to take a moment to appreciate the moms in our life! It’s my opinion that moms have one of the hardest and most underappreciated jobs on the planet.

In many cases, they manage a long list of to dos and priorities for the family. They serve, love, and give of themselves day in and day out. It’s remarkable. Most of the time, no one notices.

Let’s notice them this weekend!!

  • If your mom has passed on, how can you honor her legacy?
  • If your mom is around, how can you make her feel appreciated?
  • If you are married to a mom, take responsibility for celebrating them!

No mom is perfect, and I understand not everyone had the best experience growing up. Regardless, find something you’re grateful for and express that this weekend! I bet you’ll feel better if you do.

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