We all realize that saving for retirement is important. For many of you, that is why you have partnered with us. But saving for retirement is only part of living an intentional life and using our money intentionally. None of us know exactly how long we will be around and have the health to complete our goals and dreams. I believe that another part of living an intentional life is taking a moment to step back from the day-to-day hustle and bustle to remember which dreams would be perfect to accomplish during this phase of life. Then start taking intentional steps to make that dream a reality, without compromising long-term retirement goals. One gift that comes from a disciplined and intentional life of planning and saving for your retirement years is that once you know you have retirement savings all set up and on track, it gives you the freedom to use your discretionary money to accomplish your “right now” dreams. And you can do this without fear that you are compromising your future.

Let’s all take a moment to dream this week and then start planning for our next great adventure! Let us know how we can help make that dream a reality.

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