Raise your hand if you have ever felt being pulled in a thousand different directions? (I am raising my hand right now.)

Sometimes, I wonder when it will slow down. I often tell myself, “just get to next month and things will settle down.” While this may hold true, if we aren’t intentional with how we are managing “life,” the next big thing is right around the corner which will send us back into a frenetic pace.

One of the ways to simplify is saying no, letting go, and delegating. Here are some ideas for how to get some things off your plate.

  1. Hiring a lawnmowing company
  2. Hiring a house cleaner
  3. Hiring a moving company when you move
  4. Hiring a CPA to do your taxes
  5. Hiring a pest control company
  6. Hiring a travel agent to plan your next big trip

What are other ways to let go and delegate?

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