Another baby bird out of the nest! My son is graduating from college this weekend, and he will be moving into his first apartment in another city for his first fulltime job. It was a super fun honor for me to be invited to his apartment shopping day last month. But what an eye-opener! Apartments ranged from $1200 – $1500+ per month for a one-bedroom apartment. This is considered better than most areas by national standards. But to be considered “affordable”, your housing expenses should be less than 30% of your gross income. Meaning that you should be earning at least $4000 a month if your rent is $1200 per month.

An extra bedroom costs about $200-$300 extra a month, so one way to be able to afford your housing is to have a roommate. But for my son, having a roommate was a non-starter. He wanted his own place. And he was perfectly fine if what he thought he could afford was, well, less than (my) ideal.

Life is about trade-offs and personal choices, so good for him. And it was hard, but I resisted the momma bird urge in me that very much wanted to swoop in and insist on paying the extra $200 a month so he could live in what I considered a nicer place.

By the way, the above quote (blog title) isn’t what my son said, it’s what one of our advisors said when he heard about our apartment shopping trip trials and tribulations! And the picture is definitely not the apartment he chose.


  1. Cheryl on May 4, 2024 at 9:53 AM

    Loved this Traci. Btw I had no idea you were old enough to have a child graduated from college

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