Who doesn’t love a vacation? This cherished week to get away with family and friends can be a great time to rest and recharge before the final push towards summer.  In the midst of travel accommodations, exciting outings and, of course, delicious meals, the total bill for this week can easily get out of hand.  Here’s a few ways to make sure your Spring Break expenses don’t break the bank:

  • Planning ahead pays off! A sinking fund can be used to set aside a smaller amount each month to save for that dream vacation. Online banks like Ally even have savings “buckets” that you can name for each trip or savings goal!
  • Make a family budget! From lodging to excursions and dinners out, planning together can be a fun way to build excitement for the trip while teaching children how to prioritize and manage their expenses. Kids can have their own spending budgets, too!  
  • Staycations can stay affordable! With this being one of the busiest travel times for Spring Break since the pandemic, costs are high! Save on the long trip and instead, rediscover your hometown like a tourist! I always love our local spots like Stone Mountain and the Coca Cola Museum, but don’t go nearly enough!

No matter how you spend your break, you can take time to rest, relax and reconnect with those who matter most to you without bringing back the headache of more bills!

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