Most people get health insurance through their employer. They are given a few options, and some of the costs are typically paid for by their employer. Most people don’t think too much about it.

This all changes as people approach retirement or start thinking about starting a business! Suddenly, health insurance becomes this massive beast that will most likely derail all of their hopes and dreams and force them to stay in the same lousy job until they turn 65! Haha!

It doesn’t have to, and you have options! Yes, you need to have a plan, but don’t let it take up more space than it should!

Here are a few solutions that can work depending on your situation:

  • Buy health insurance directly from the marketplace – it may be cheaper than you think!
  • Enroll in a healthcare sharing platform such as Sedera**(I have used a similar service for years)
  • Work somewhere part time that offers health insurance (good for people that want to “retire” before 65 but want to stay busy)
  • Medicare at age 65

**This is an example, not a specific recommendation

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