The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey has had a big impact on my life over the years. I am re-reading it now with a group of guys and loving it.

The first habit is Be Proactive! Here is a quick comparison of proactive vs. reactive to clarify its meaning.

I choose my behavior and languageTend to allow physical environment to dictate mood
Between stimulus and response, I have a choice; I take responsibility! Blame others
I can focus on what I can controlFocus on things I can’t control
It starts with me!If only they would change!

This principle applies to marriage, kids, work, health, spirituality, AND our finances! Life happens. Plans change. How will we respond?

Is there an area of your finances where you are subconsciously blaming something “out there” vs. taking responsibility for your next step?

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