We seek to utilize the very best solutions for our clients! As you might know, we use Dimensional Fund Advisors’ (DFA) investment funds to help build our portfolios. They do everything with excellence.

To that end, Douglas Diamond, DFA’s lead independent director of the boards of the firm’s US Mutual Funds and ETFs, was recently awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. He was honored along with former Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke.

Professor Diamond is considered a founder of modern banking theory, and his work has helped shape how government officials and others approach finance, especially at times of market stress.

Douglas is the fifth academic with deep connections to Dimensional to receive the Nobel Prize. Three founding members of the board of directors of the company or the company’s funds—Eugene Fama, Merton Miller, and Myron Scholes—previously received the award. Robert Merton, currently the firm’s Resident Scientist, is also a Nobel laureate.

We are proud to lean on DFA for their research and expertise to help inform our investment decisions!

Source: DFA article / announcement on Oct 10, 2022

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