I have so many friends and acquaintances who are frustrated with their job.  They are not sure of their life’s calling, and, so, they are constantly looking into new opportunities, another degree, or new place to live.  Here at Verisail, we feel so fortunate because we love what we do.  This is where our business begins.  We have a passion and desire to help people – not just sell them something.  We find meaning in our work, because, at Verisail, we genuinely believe that our clients are better off by having an advisor.  Life is messy and busy and hard – really hard.  We get to step into the middle of our clients’ lives and solve their financial puzzle.  We get to point them in the right direction and nudge them when they get off course.  We love it, and it gets us out of bed each morning with a smile.

Do you find meaning in your work?  Where is your passion?

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