In your 30s, you start feeling like an adult. You may be married and have a family by now. You may be starting to really hit your stride career wise. Or you are considering buying a house or starting a business.

With all of these new responsibilities, it is critical to have a structured game plan on how to handle the complex world of becoming an adult.

Your income may be increasing in your 30s, but more sources are competing for that income. Thus, it is important to be intentional about where your money is going.

Here are four topics to think about during your 30s:

Emergency Fund

Sometimes your plan doesn’t go as planned, and having an adequate emergency fund can help ensure those hiccups don’t affect the rest of your goals. An emergency fund should contain enough money to cover your basic expenses for a minimum of three to six months


Debt accumulation is wealth in the wrong direction. After you have built up an emergency fund, aggressively pay down debt.


Time is your ally. The power of compounding can help your cash grow in a way that it never will again, because right now you’ve got decades on your side. The earlier you start saving for retirement, the better off you’ll be down the road.

Major Purchases

A wedding, a house, a big trip. Each of these goals has a different amount needed, and a different time horizon. Often, these goals get derailed due to a lack of planning. We help identify these goals and make them a priority in your budget so that you can fulfill them.

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