We have been sharing inspiring and sometimes funny stories on Fridays. At Verisail, we want to think bigger than our business. We want to live inspired lives, driven by passion.

One of our own, Thad Gilliam, is doing just that. He is partnering with 2 of his friends to put on their first running race. They are calling it the Helenback Race Series. This is the perfect name, because it is taking place in Helen, GA and the route is such that you feel like you’ve been to hell and back (we know because we ran some of the course last Friday)!

All of the race directors love to run so they wanted to start a race that allowed people to enjoy the sport while also testing the human spirit.

Thad’s running resume is quite impressive. He has completed FIVE 100 mile running races and a countless number of marathons. He has qualified and run the Boston Marathon 3 times.

Check out their website and consider signing up. If not this or another running race, will you commit to something that pushes you beyond your comfort zone?

Helenback Race Series


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