Thanksgiving was last week which means we have officially entered the Holiday season. Aren’t we supposed to feel good this time of year? Aren’t we supposed to be thankful for our family, friends, jobs, etc? Isn’t everything supposed to be right in the world?

What does it mean to be financially thankful? I propose that we only feel thankful when we are content and at peace with where we are. If we aren’t content and don’t feel at peace financially, it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to be financially thankful.

Said another way, what is the opposite of being thankful? Here are a few things that come to mind…feeling discontent, consumed by what’s wrong with OUR situation, and greed.

How can we approach this Holiday season with a financially thankful or grateful spirit?

It’s simple but it requires some action! Take the time to review your finances and determine where you need help (see quiz below). Then, get the help you need! It’s worth the time and emotional investment.

Most people wait until January to set goals and make resolutions. Most people also feel completely overwhelmed and stressed about money! Don’t be most people! Take action before the end of the year. You will be FREE to enjoy the Holidays knowing you are making progress in a critical area of life.

At Verisail, we LOVE watching our clients experience financial freedom. You don’t get to experience freedom by ignoring the issues that are causing you stress! Think about your answer to these questions to help you identify where you need help:

  • Do you have a Christmas / Holiday budget? Does it include being generous with your time or money?
  • Are you saving a % of your income toward retirement (10% – 20% for most people)?
  • Are your Wills and Estate documents updated?
  • Do you have your 2017 taxes under control?
  • Would your family be okay if something happened to you?

Let us know if we can help or refer you to someone who can!

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