Honestly, this is embarrassing, and it’s hard for me to share. But, it does an amazing job of explaining how most people feel about their finances so I have too.

As of June of this year, it had been ~5 years since I stepped foot in a dental office. Before that, I was inconsistent at best. I understand this is irresponsible which is why it’s hard to share! When I saw the dentist 5 years ago, they mentioned there were a few cavities and “trouble” spots they recommended I take care of.

I can’t stand going to the dentist. The smell. The grinding sounds all around you. The sandy-grittiness of the tooth polish. It all makes me queasy. Side note: this has gotten much better now that we’ve found a dentist we love.

All that to say, when I heard them recommend a few fillings all I heard was “we need to inflict large doses of PAIN, DISCOMFORT, and TORTURE.” So…I decided to ignore the problem and do nothing. You can probably see where this is headed.

Fast forward to this past June, the few cavities and “trouble” spots had grown into 7 BAD cavities and 5 others we needed to “watch”. I was disappointed and ashamed of myself! I decided to go ALL IN and, after 3 more visits, countless shots of Novocaine, and lots of dollars spent, they filled all 7 cavities. I am now on an extremely rigid tooth care plan, and I will never miss another day of flossing the rest of my life! You might think I’m kidding, but I’m not.

We do the exact same thing with our financial “trouble” spots! We avoid the short term “pain” which leads to major long term problems! We don’t want to admit that we aren’t saving enough for retirement, ask someone for help, or take the time to plan. We know we need to, but it feels too painful and inconvenient.

I promise you that, just like my dental experience, you are much better off fixing your financial “trouble” spots now so they don’t become major PROBLEMS down the road!

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