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Why We Exist

I have so many friends and acquaintances who are frustrated with their job.  They are not sure of their life’s calling, and, so, they are constantly looking into new opportunities, another degree, or new place to live.  Here at Verisail, we feel so fortunate because we love what we do.  This is where our business…

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Website, Software, and Social Media

As your financial partner and guide, we are always looking for ways to improve our services to you. With 2016 behind us and 2017 underway, we are excited to announce a few changes that are taking place regarding Verisail’s technology. Our website has been updated, we have a new portfolio reporting software, and we will…

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How to Cover Your Bases If You Have Kids

Life insurance. Generally you only need life insurance once someone is depending on your future income. If you plan to have kids, you should start thinking about the situation your survivors would be in if you passed earlier than expected. Life insurance can help pay off your mortgage or other debt, as well as provide…

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Saving in your 30’s

In your 30s, you start feeling like an adult. You may be married and have a family by now. You may be starting to really hit your stride career wise. Or you are considering buying a house or starting a business. With all of these new responsibilities, it is critical to have a structured game…

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Saving in your 20’s

The trouble with investing in your 20s is that you are experiencing so much change in a rather compressed amount of time.  You are starting your career, getting married, having kids, etc. Despite the difficulty, your 20s are a crucial stage when you probably have more control over your cash flow than you will later…

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