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20 second advisor

Financial insights and tips...all in 20 seconds

20 Second Advisor: Meet Kelly Gosiewski

We are happy to introduce you to our newest team member Kelly Gosiewski (Kelly G for short)! Kelly will be helping us serve clients with excellence and operate efficiently as a company. This means she will be opening and monitoring client accounts, helping to complete tasks for our clients, and making sure our new clients…

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20 Second Advisor: 4th of July & Wealth Creation

As we celebrate the 4th of July this week, please enjoy the hamburgers and hotdogs, the fireworks, and, yes, the ability to create wealth in United States. The Declaration of Independence argues that all people are entitled to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” The United States provides an incredible place for citizens to…

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20 Second Advisor: Should I use my home state’s 529 plan?

Is your home state’s 529 plan always the best option? It really depends, but here are a few points to consider: Each state differs on whether they offer state tax deductions or credits for 529 contributions, so check to see if your home state offers a tax benefit Compare the performance of your home state’s…

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20 Second Advisor: SEP & SIMPLE IRAs Are Dead!

Because of technology, 401(k)s have become inexpensive and efficient. They also provide the employEE and employER the most flexibility. For this reason, I rarely (I want to say never but…never say never) come across a situation where a SEP or SIMPLE IRA make sense anymore. The 401(k) also provides employees the ability to save into…

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20 Second Advisor: Vacation Home – Rent or Buy?

vacation home

It’s summer time. And that means vacations. Families feel the draw of buying a 2nd home while they’re on vacation. On the trip to Florida, couples may think, “Wouldn’t it be great if we had a beach house?” Before you dig into the financials of buying a 2nd home, here are the top non-financial questions…

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20 Second Advisor: Why you should diversify globally

We all know that US stocks have significantly outperformed international stocks in recent years. Because of this and the fact that many US based multinationals are major players in the world economy, many clients have asked whether international diversification is unnecessary. Not at all. A few reasons to continue investing internationally: International stocks represent about…

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20 Second Advisor: You Can’t Control the Results

When it comes to your finances and investments, we often say “focus on what you can control.” I’m realizing how much this applies to the rest of life. We can not control the results! We can only control the activities that lead us in a particular direction! When we stop focusing on the results and…

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20 Second Advisor: My private investment is fancier than your public investment! Or is it?

I often hear of investors (or even other advisors) who want to buy private equity investments with the hope of achieving better returns. Private equity is owning a company that is not publicly traded (ie it’s private). Private equity usually has little liquidity (b/c there is no public market for the shares). Private companies often…

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20 Second Advisor: Cash = Insurance

A basic step in almost any financial plan is to save cash and hold it in a savings account for an emergency. I think we would all agree this is a good idea. This is a form of insurance. We pay money for life, health and disability insurance. These COST us money. Holding cash in…

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