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IRA Required Minimum Distributions

Each year, we get questions about Required Minimum Distributions. We’ll call them RMDs from here on out. What are they? When do I have to start taking them? How much do I need to take? Can I keep contributing to my retirement accounts if I’m still working? Let’s address these questions. What is a Required…

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Verisail’s Secret Revealed. Step 6 – Tax Planning

Over the last few weeks, we have been revealing our financial planning process at a high level. We started with goal setting and have progressed through various topics such as budgeting, retirement, insurance, and estate planning.  Last week we talked about estate planning and the importance of ensuring that your assets pass to your heirs like you would have…

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The woes of working from home

If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch the video of Robert Kelly’s interview with the BBC being interrupted by his kids – it’s hilarious!  If you ever work from home, I’m sure you can relate!

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Verisail’s Secret Revealed. Step 5 – Estate Planning

We’ve been revealing our financial planning process over the last few weeks.  Last week we talked about insurance and risk management. This week we are looking at estate planning.  Estate planning allows us to be proactive about deciding how our assets are inherited or given away at our death.  It also allows us to consider…

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Co-workers Buy Car For Teen Walking to Work

This teen UPS employee was walking over 5 miles to and from work to support his sick mom. His fellow co-workers pitched in to buy him his own car! Let this encourage you to do something nice for someone else this weekend. It can be as big as buying someone a car or as small…

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Verisail’s Secret Revealed. Step 4 To Financial Freedom – Insurance

“We insure against what can go wrong in order to acquire the luxury of investing for what can go right!” Nick Murray Nobody likes talking about death, disability, or the bad things that can happen in life. But, that does not mean they aren’t important to consider. Last week, we talked about Retirement planning and the…

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A Dishes to Riches story

I heard this story on the radio the other day and just had to learn more about the story of Ali Sonko, a native of Gambia. After 14 years of cleaning the plates at Noma, a restaurant that has been named the world’s best 4 times, he is now part owner of the company that…

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Verisail’s Secret Revealed. Step 3- Retirement

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”     –Benjamin Franklin Last week, we talked about Cash Flow and the importance of spending less than you earn. Often, we find ourselves living paycheck to paycheck because we have never practiced the skill of delayed gratification.  Retirement is very similar. Planning for retirement often…

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Verisail’s Secret Revealed. Step 2- Spend less than you earn

“The art of living easily as to money is to pitch your scale of living one degree below your means.”     –Sir Henry Taylor We all want our lives to be great. We have goals, dreams, and ideas for how our future should look.  Last week, we outlined the first step…Dream. After you’ve outlined…

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