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Conventional wisdom of active management

It has been demonstrated over and over again that active mutual fund managers have had a very difficult time outperforming their respective benchmarks over reasonable time periods. In the U.S., for example, approximately 83% of all domestic funds underperformed their benchmark for the 10-year period ending 12/31/2015. This phenomenon is not just specific to the U.S.…

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Lifestyle Creep: The Ultimate Adversary To Building Wealth

The key to building wealth is really quite simple.  Live within your means, save and invest 10-20% of your earnings, and repeat that process for 30-40 years.  If you can do those few things, you WILL be wealthy.  Unfortunately, so many families struggle to accomplish this.  The biggest hurdle to building wealth is what I call…

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Women & The Boston Marathon

Men and Women operating under “conviction” are a powerful force! Often times, this is when barriers are busted and limits are pushed. This is clearly seen when you consider women’s involvement in the Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon was run this past Monday. It is arguably the most iconic marathon in the world. It seems…

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Are your advisor’s fees too high?

Most people have no idea how much they are paying their financial advisor. In a way, we believe this is a problem. Many times, the fees you “see” are only those easily spotted above the surface. There could be other fees you aren’t seeing. It should come as no surprise that we believe financial advisors…

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An interesting way to determine if you are saving enough

Fidelity recently put out this rule of thumb for how much people should have in retirement for every age.  It’s an interesting and easy way to make sure you are on track. Fidelity Retirement Rule of Thumb

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Verisail Core Investing Principles

I am going to keep this SIMPLE and STRAIGHTFORWARD. Yes, investment management can get very technical with sharpe ratios, alpha, beta, CAPM, efficient frontiers, etc. However, you do not need to go down these rabbit holes to be a successful investor.  In fact, we don’t even go down them. To be successful, we focus on 5…

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Don’t Stop Dreaming

When you were young, did you ever dream of being a mermaid?  Or perhaps, it was being a ninja?  Check out these vacation ideas that  can turn your childhood dreams into a reality!

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3 Things You Can Still Do To Lower Your Taxes for 2016

If you haven’t already filed your taxes, here are 3 easy things that you can still do to lower your tax bill for 2016: Contribute to an IRA: You can contribute up to April 18th, and have the contributions count as a “2016 contribution.”  This would lower your income taxes for 2016.  If you are…

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One Of Our Own Inspires Us

  We have been sharing inspiring and sometimes funny stories on Fridays. At Verisail, we want to think bigger than our business. We want to live inspired lives, driven by passion. One of our own, Thad Gilliam, is doing just that. He is partnering with 2 of his friends to put on their first running…

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