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Myths about Financial Advisors

Over the years as a financial advisor, I have heard many assumptions about a financial advisor’s role.  Here are a few myths about what a financial advisor at Verisail is: #1: An advisor should get you out of low-performing investments and into high-performing investments. Myth. An investment strategy that’s based on predicting which investment will…

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Hardship Is Beneficial?

We learn like crazy when things get hard. We grow when we overcome obstacles. We get stronger when we push our bodies outside of their comfort zone. Bottom line, struggle and hardship make us stronger! I don’t think many people would disagree with this principle. Yet, in our comfort addicted world, we avoid pain and…

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Going To The Dentist

Honestly, this is embarrassing, and it’s hard for me to share. But, it does an amazing job of explaining how most people feel about their finances so I have too. As of June of this year, it had been ~5 years since I stepped foot in a dental office. Before that, I was inconsistent at…

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Are you investing or speculating?

If you boil it down, there are really two primary schools of thought when it comes to managing money.  The first philosophy believes in these core principles: Philosophy 1 We can outguess the market Diversification is not a priority Concentrate in only our best ideas Trade frequently Charge higher fees to the end investor for…

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Inspiring Dad Video

In honor of Father’s Day last weekend, we wanted to share this great video. I saw it as a commercial and loved it. It was produced by TD Ameritrade, our investment custodian. Enjoy!  

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Greatest Pet Peeve About Your Spouse?

My wife and I were on a weekend couples trip last year for a running event I was participating in. We didn’t know the other couples very well so we began to get to know one another. Someone asked the question…”what is ONE pet peeve about your spouse?” Lovingly, my wife chimed right in and…

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A credit score overhaul

A new credit score formula will be rolled out this fall that will track borrowing behavior over time rather than relying on a snapshot of your credit usage. You can read more HERE

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Retirement mistakes to avoid in your 20s and 30s

  Are you a millennial? Retirement is probably the last thing you are thinking about. People in their 20s and 30s “go through more life transitions than at any other age – you’re getting out of college, you’re graduating, you’re getting a job, you’re changing jobs, maybe you’re starting a business, you’re getting married, you…

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Retirees Have Less Satisfaction in Retirement

I thought this USA Today article was interesting.  It reviews a study that shows retirees are less satisfied today than they were in the past (1998-2012). A few key takeaways: 95% of retirees prefer to spend their money on experiences instead of things.  Money isn’t everything, but retirees with more money reported having more satisfaction in…

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