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What do oil change stickers and your finances have in common?

We can’t possibly remember every important detail of life. That’s why we have calendars, oil change reminder stickers, auto bill-pay, etc. We set reminders and automate what we can so we don’t have to keep it all straight in our mind (which is impossible anyway)! This same principle applies to one of the trickiest areas…

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Living In A Post-Equifax-Hack World: What I’m Doing To Protect Myself

The personal information of roughly 1/2 the US population may have been compromised during the recent data breach/hack at Equifax.  THIS IS A BIG DEAL!  It wasn’t just account numbers and credit card info that was taken.  For those affected, the hackers may have access to permanent information about you including your name, SSN, date…

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A new kind of suburb!

2 years ago, my wife and I moved from the city out to the suburbs. Our desire was to live in a walkable community with friends and family and have access to some good restaurants and amenities. According to research from Zillow, almost half of millennial homeowners live in the suburbs. While millennials might have…

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How disciplined will you be in the next downturn?

Do you remember early 2016? I sure do. The global stock market dropped approximately 15% from November 2015 to February 2016. During that time, I received several calls from clients expressing concern.  Some of these concerns are paraphrased below: “I can’t handle seeing my money disappear any further.” “Such a sharp drop in the market…

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Hurricane Relief – WE Can Help!

The pictures and stories resulting from Hurricane Harvey & Irma have been overwhelming! People’s lives have been devastated. You and I can help! There are many different organizations that are making a difference. Convoy Of Hope is one. Watch this video and consider donating towards their relief efforts by clicking on the link below the…

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Discuss Your Money With Your Kids?

I am seeing more and more situations where a client or someone I know is going to inherit significant wealth, but their family, who is currently living and has the money, doesn’t want to discuss the details. This is usually a parent / grandparent leaving money to their kids / grandkids. Money and death are…

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Damage from Hurricane Harvey: What you need to know

  After Hurricane Harvey made landfall this week, there are lots of people in Texas and the surrounding states with damage to their homes and property.  For most people, their house is a significant part of their overall net worth.  In light of these events, I asked Mike Sheehan, a licensed public adjuster, to write…

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Building A House – Lessons Learned (part 1)

Right now, my wife and I are building a house.  We are in the final stretch and getting anxious to move in!  Since a lot of people think about building or renovating a home, I’m going to do a few posts about the good, bad, and ugly of home building.  Hopefully, if you choose to…

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Do you have a bunch of stock that is hard to let go of?

I recently came across an interesting article in the Financial Planning magazine about the risks of holding on to concentrated stock positions.  It talks about how we tend to hold on to large holdings of a single stock for a variety of reasons, including a reluctance to sell a stock because it was inherited or keeping…

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