When it comes to your finances and investments, we often say “focus on what you can control.”

I’m realizing how much this applies to the rest of life.

We can not control the results! We can only control the activities that lead us in a particular direction!

When we stop focusing on the results and start focusing on the activities we can control, we feel EMPOWERED.

This becomes crystal clear to me when people ask “how is your business?” I usually pause a second as my mind races through the OUTCOMES / RESULTS that define a successful business for me. These include client satisfaction and finding new clients. These can be hard to quantify at any given time so it’s hard to answer that question.

Conversely, when I shift my focus to the activities I can control, it’s much easier to answer. I have defined these each month, and, if I’m on track with these activities, business is going great!

Are you too focused on the results in a particular area of life?

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