I was running with Taylor and Thad last week on the beltline. We started talking about the various things/expenses in life that always seem to pop up. We like to call them the “We Gottas” in life. Here were a few of the ones we came up with:

  1. We gotta live in this neighborhood. It is so safe and the walkability is great!
  2. We gotta send my kids to this private school. The education and programming is off the charts!
  3. We gotta have the suburban. We have 3 kids and a dog so it makes travelling around much easier.
  4. We gotta do our annual beach vacation. It is a tradition and such sacred time for our family.
  5. We gotta do this house addition and kitchen remodel. It will give our family more space.
  6. We gotta keep the country club membership. It is great networking.

These are all great things above. Don’t get me wrong. But if they are getting in the way of you saving properly for retirement, you may need to go back to the drawing board and figure out which ones to postpone. From experience, there will always be the next “We gotta” in life. They don’t just miraculously stop coming up. Get in the habit now of saying NO to some things to ensure you stay on track.

Remember, when you are nearing retirement, you cannot get back the past 20-30 years, and playing catch-up requires larger retirement contributions and possibly working longer.

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