Markets have been up and down this year, which can be hard for many investors to live with. During periods like these, hearing stories about how other people deal with uncertainty can be helpful.

Dave Goetsch is an executive producer of The Big Bang Theory. Even though he and the other writers on the show make common sense out of complicated science for a living, Dave used to respond to market fluctuations with panic rather than logic. But his point of view changed fundamentally when he found a new perspective on investing and discovered a new path for his financial life.

Here is a summary of what he’s learned:

  1. Investment markets are uncertain – The average annual return of the S&P 500 over the past 90 years was around 10%, but there have been very few individual years in which investors earned 10%
  2. Be a long term investor with a long term horizon – you are constantly assaulted by “noise” from the news and media; almost all of it is hype that has no impact if you have a long term perspective
  3. Dave’s perspective wouldn’t have changed without the help of his financial advisor

Check out Dave’s story—I think you’ll find it to be a source of calm. Read Dave’s full story here.

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