With COVID-19 almost affecting everyone’s day to day lives, it’s not easy staying focused or motivated. If you have been craving more productivity or purpose during quarantine, here are a few free ways to better yourself:

  1. Learn how to cook: Several “top” chefs have offered cooking classes free of charge. Check out Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street for free cooking classes until April 30th
  2. Read for free: While libraries are closed, many of them still offer tons of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and newspapers through their websites. Check out Audible for a free 3 month subscription.
  3. Get in shape: Look up your favorite local gym or studio and see if they have anything virtual scheduled. Also check out YouTube for free videos, featuring built-in workouts you can do with or without equipment.
  4. Learn a language: Duolingo is an easy-to-use, totally free app that gives daily lessons in 35 different languages. 
  5. Actually meditate: Meditation is one of the best things you can do to relieve stress and improve your wellbeing. Aura is offering a free three-month subscription to meditations, life coaching, inspiring stories, and music.

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