I read a great article about the coronavirus that helps put it into perspective. Here are some of the main talking points:

  • There are 79,331 cases worldwide, all but 2,069 are in China (as of Monday February 24th
  • 2,595 deaths in China and 23 elsewhere in the world
  • Death rate is around 1 % or less and it is mostly killing people with pre-existing conditions and the elderly
  • It appears cases in China may have plateaued (Feb. 10th- 13,002 cases, Feb. 17th- 6,398 cases, Feb. 24th- 415 cases)
  • For comparison, the seasonal flu accounts for between 291,000-646,000 death globally per year (source: CDC)

It is important to remember that we live in a world that has a growing appetite for doom and gloom. And it just so happened that the coronavirus emerged at just the right time.

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