Giving your money away may feel like jumping off of a cliff! I have found that, after people make the leap, they become happier. Why?

  1. Simply put, helping others makes you happy! Think about a time when you helped someone else. Maybe you delivered a meal, picked someone up from the airport, helped a friend with a house project, took care of kids / grand kids when someone was sick, etc. It feels good to help, and giving your money to something you believe in is helpful!
  2. Snaps us out of our funk. We can get stuck thinking about what’s happening in our life. Giving to others forces us to think beyond ourselves.
  3. Adds meaning to life. It seems we are all seeking meaning in life. Giving to others connects us to someone or something that is meaningful to us.
  4. We have a lot. When you compare our situation to the rest of the world, we are doing pretty darn well. Let’s share…isn’t that what we teach our kids!
  5. Tax deduction. Oh, and it may save you taxes as well!

Take the leap…find an organization you care about and give! You’ll be happier!

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