Peg Spicknall

Client Service Assistant

What events led to this career?

My late husband, Tom was a Certified Financial Planner and he had his own firm in Dalton, GA for many years. Before he passed away, and while he was planning his business succession, we became acquainted with Verisail Partners.  Tom chose to transition his clients to Verisail based on their business ethics and reputation for solid counsel.  He wanted to leave his clients in good hands.  As events in life will sometimes providentially unfold, I was presented a little later with an opportunity to continue a legacy with Verisail Partners.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I enjoy the people interaction.  I enjoy the culture of where I work, and the challenge of learning new skills. I enjoy observing the peace and the satisfaction that comes when clients know they've taken care of their financial responsibilities.
What are your interests outside of work?
My greatest passion outside of work is my family.  I enjoy any and every opportunity to spend time with my children and grandchildren here in Atlanta, and with my extended North Carolina family and friends. I enjoy music, art, spending time reading, and generally anything that enhances life.  I  enjoy being outdoors, especially landscaping/gardening, and generally watching things grow.