You received an inheritance, now what?

Research shows the average inheritance is spent within five years. As an advisor at Verisail, I have seen both sides of the coin. Some of my clients have done a great job at continuing to live their lives as if the inheritance wasn’t even there. I have witnessed other clients unwisely spend a significant portion…

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The Tax Deduction Trap – “Guest” Blog

I have a good friend who has started a financial planning company. He has a passion for helping his clients establish good habits and keeping them on course throughout their financial journey. So, we thought we would share a recent blog post of his. Enjoy the following by Michael Spencer with Wise Pace! The Tax…

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Verisail’s Secret Revealed. Step 6 – Tax Planning

Over the last few weeks, we have been revealing our financial planning process at a high level. We started with goal setting and have progressed through various topics such as budgeting, retirement, insurance, and estate planning.  Last week we talked about estate planning and the importance of ensuring that your assets pass to your heirs like you would have…

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